The Police in the UK are friendly and helpful, and have a duty to protect everyone. They are committed to promoting crime prevention and work closely with College staff and students to promote and reinforce student safety messages. If you do become a victim of crime you should contact the Police, as well as the Security Service. Do not worry about language difficulties, as the Police will find someone, free of charge, who speaks your language. 

In an emergency, dial 999 from any telephone. 

When the Police do arrive, if they are not in uniform (and in a Police car), ask to see their identity cards – they will not mind you asking if they are genuine.

If it is not an emergency, contact the Police on 101, or visit your local Police station. 

You can contact Bethnal Green Police station on 020 7515 1212.

Always report the incident to the College Security Service and the Police immediately, even if it is not an emergency

  • Try to remember as many details as possible about the incident as this will assist the Police to identify the offender 
  • If the incident happens in a public place, try to get names and addresses from any witnesses before they leave the area
  • If there is a motor vehicle involved, write down the registration number straight away
  • Also try to note the colour,type and anything else you can remember about the vehicle, including which direction it drove in after the incident
  • Always ask the Police for your crime number to support any insurance claim
  • In the event of a theft, details of any serial numbers will assist the Police in returning your property